About Us


            Welcome to VIJAYAGIRI PUBLIC SCHOOL one of the most forefront educational institutions in Thrissur District of Kerala State. This centre of excellence with high-tech facility is making an educational roof for the students of LKG to 12th Standard. A dedicated curriculum culture with previsioned structural educational system supervised and managed by Believers Church. To realize the MOTTO “My education, My future” we stress not only in education but also widen the horizons of the young minds that would be adequately equipped intellectually, emotionally, morally and spiritually to embrace the challenges in the future and ultimately to lead them to be excellent professionals, dedicated and enlightened leaders, great home-makers, and global citizens endowed with global understanding and above all, to be good human beings acknowledging the Lordship of our Creator.

The mainstream curriculum framed by the central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) gives importance to acquiring intellectual skills as well as life skills to face global challenges. Optional subjects like Malayalam, Hindi and French are offered to students to help develop the confidence necessary to work in a multinational environment. Facilities are provided to children with special needs as well. We encourage children to develop as independent thinkers and learners and be responsible to the self and members of the community by providing intellectual, physical and creative activities. We focus on ensuring that children are able to demonstrate a high level of confidence and enthusiasm. Our developmental programs with this objective. Good News Friday is observed every Friday afternoon to instil spiritual, moral and social awareness.