The Academic Program:

Kindergarten is the first step in the journey of education for young children. Here learning happens through repetition, picture reading, imitation and expression.


The Pre-KG and KG kids have an easy time absorbing their lessons through the effortless learn-by-doing way; however, students in the higher classes have to follow a rigidly structured syllabus as prescribed by the Education Department/CBSE. The syllabus for the primary section (Classes I-V) includes such diverse subjects as the three languages, Mathematics, environmental studies, social science, work experience, art education and physical education.


At the upper primary level (Classes VI-VIII), the subjects taught are no different from the LP syllabus, albeit at a higher level of treatment. At the secondary level (Classes IX-X), while English is mandatory, the second language can be either Malayalam or Hindi.


The senior secondary students (Classes XI-XII) have option to choose between science and commerce streams. The science streams are the following: (1) English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics/Computer Science (2) English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science.


The Commerce stream comprises (1) English, Business Studies, Accountancy, Computer Science and Economics; (2) English, Business Studies, Accountancy, Mathematics and Economics.