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        School Auditorium provides 500+ Seats with Projector and Audio Visual Technology . It has proved to be very popular for conferences, drama and debating events, visiting speakers and meetings.

           The school auditorium was a multi-purpose space at the heart of the school, the Centre for Performing Arts. Fitted with a state-of the art sound system and Projector display, the room has become the focal point for performing arts within the school. The lighting is used by students for the new drama courses within the school, and the light and airy venue is also used for presentations, meetings, rehearsals and assemblies. The current students really enjoy using the auditorium, which add an extra layer of excitement for all the classes.

             Auditorium on the ground floor provides an elegant, functional and versatile space for assemblies, concerts, lectures and gatherings of all kinds, as well as for a variety of indoor games.