Flash News VIJAYAGIRI ENTRANCE TEST (VET) ** Provisional Admission started for Class XI ** **Admission started for 2021-22 for class LKG to IX** Do you have a dream for your child? Then we have a plan for you! Dear Parents, Greetings from Vijayagiri Public School! As a social commitment, we have decided to provide residential facilities during this pandemic for students who return from abroad at a cheaper rate without donation. (No Donation) from 5th STD to 12th STD. Contact for further details: 8086922500, 8086382500

Welcome to VIJAYAGIRI PUBLIC SCHOOL one of the most forefront educational institutions in Thrissur District of Kerala State. This centre of excellence with high-tech facility is making an educational roof for the students of LKG to 12th Standard. A dedicated curriculum culture with forevisioned structural educational system supervised and managed by Believers Church. To realize the MOTO “ My education, My future” we stress not only in education but also widen the horizons of the young minds that would be adequately equipped intellectually, emotionally, morally and spiritually to embrace the challenges in future and ultimately to lead them to be excellent professionals, dedicated and enlightened leaders, great homemakers, and global citizens endowed with global understanding and above all, to be a good human beings acknowledging the Lordship of our Creator.

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Principal's Message

Welcome to Vijayagiri Website and you are requested to make a virtual visit on the school campus. Your feedbacks are appreciated as we take all steps to improve in all areas of our operations. Vijayagiri Public School; it is a progressive looking school which keeps trekking forward to reach the peak of Victory. “By Education, I mean all round drawing of the best in child and man in body, mind and spirit”.

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Manager's Message

My heart fills with immense pleasure as I perceive the progress being made at Vijayagiri Public School. The school is growing into strong sapling. It is the endeavour of the new management Believers Church to make the academic. a smooth journey full of joy and discovery. In all the endorsers of Believers Church the unfailing support and strength of our Metropolitan The Most MORAN MOR ATHANASIUS YOHAN I METROPOLITAN is graceful and in abundance.

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That our students will show the way, embody truth and live to be global citizens.

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To provide quality education through Christian ethos, enable our students to realize their full potential and train them to lead a happy student life.

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Our Objectives

Learning should be fun! A sound mind in a sound body has been the eternal quest of every seeker of the elixir of life. Here at BCVPS, learning is never seen as a burden on the students‘ psyche. We teach the fun way of learning,

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